Northumberland Today Winter 2009 Edition

Shari was recently featured
in the Go-Winter edition (Page 32-34)


The Extra Mile
with John Blake
Presented during the Wednesday edition of Newswatch @ 6.

These segments focus on people in our community who
go “The Extra Mile”.
They’re people who freely give of their time to help others, but ask for nothing in return.


Shari Seymour #1
We take you to Gore’s Landing, where a person’s strong affinity for animals – cats, dogs, horses – has shaped her life, for their benefit, and for the benefit of their owners.
It’s a serene, quiet, and very peaceful life in Gore’s Landing. Shari Seymour’s familiar call brings out her trusting animal friends. Even having a stranger with a television camera didn’t stop most of them from showing up. Shari’s in tune with their needs, something most people know very little about. Some time ago she helped a person care for about forty wild cats who would soon be losing their home, an old barn, to new development. For those fortunate few, this art studio became their home – a place where they feel safe and secure. But this story goes on. Shari has spent years in Canada and the United States, performing massage techniques on horses and dogs. She has co-authored a book on dog massage, and being involved in programs that have extended worldwide. This, plus what she has done locally, has brought many people to her door for help.

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For Shari, her love for animals has become her life long commitment, but her deep understanding of an animals needs is something she says people can learn.

Shari Seymour #2
We head to Gore’s Landing where Shari Seymour’s strong affinity for animals continues to shape her life. She is going the extra mile, in a unique way, for those who are not able to help themselves. Shari Seymour has transformed one room of her home to benefit older animals living with painful medical problems. Some may have been injured, others, may have arthritis or similar joint problems. Shari got the swimming idea from her own dog, Montana, who was showing signs of being in pain. From there, Shari did her homework on hydro therapy, and found it’s not something new. It’s very big in the United Kingdom, Western Canada, and parts of the U.S.. By being in the water, the animal’s weight is supported, which takes the pressure off injured joints.
Shari has long been an advocate for animal welfare. She has been using massage therapy and stretching techniques on animals for years, and has also been teaching these techniques to pet owners. Word has been getting around about shari’s pool and her healing techniques, and people like joan stickle are seeking her out.

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