“It’s amazing how Shiloh watches for you when she hears your voice as you enter the barn. Your massages have made quite a positive difference in her attitude and her way of moving. Thanks for being here for her”
J. Sharpe Orillia, ON

“Thank you for helping Mandy with her issues. She is much happier now and moves much more freely. Her stride covers much more ground and she is more relaxed at the competitions
H. Mason Roseneath, ON

“”Lacy is a much happier lady these days. You have managed to really loosen up that shoulder of hers”
G. Boyles Baltimore, ON

” Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! I can’t tell you how great it is to have my happy boy back. We came so close to selling him because of his nasty attitude toward jumping. Now he’s back to his old self and clearing 3 foot 6, without batting an eye”
!” M. Cameron Blackstock, ON

“Shari, thanks for coming out to B.C. to teach my boarders how to massage their horses. They told me they really enjoyed your light-hearted insight and found the seminar very informative. I’m happy because the horses are better mannered now. Thanks again”
C. Mortimer Cranbrook, B.C.

“I truly appreciate your experience and the time you’ve taken to help Tara with her horse. In light of his recent injury and the poor prognosis, we are happy with how far he’s come. I can see that Nicky trusts you and knows you are there to help him. Tara continues with the techniques you’ve shown her and the bond they share has grown stronger as he recuperates.”
D. McLean Port Hope, ON

“When you mentioned that Spirit may need a new saddle to help alleviate the recurring back pain she’s been having, I had a saddle fitter out and a saddle made for her. What a difference. She’s moving much better in a frame, without any difficulty. The blacksmith says he can see the difference in the way her feet are and in the wear on her shoes. I can’t thank you enough for what your hands and heart have done for my girl. We will send you pictures of her as she cleans up the circuit this season!”
S. Calibiri King City, ON

” Shari you were so right when you said I’d never look at or touch my horse the same way again! I so happy you taught me how to help my horse with massage. We have become better friends and I’ve been able to help him with a few tight muscle issues. This has been invaluable to me. Thanks very much!” ”
T. Sandry Ottawa, ON