By the time she celebrated the half century mark, Shari has enjoyed sharing her life with eight dogs, thirty (plus) cats and four horses. Not forgetting the hundreds of animal clients over the years, each of whom have provided her with an education no program could ever offer.


The human teachers Shari has learned from forms a long list.
Her mother taught her to value the artwork she creates and to share it with the world. Shari’s Dad taught her to teach animals with love, respect and humour.
Her grade twelve art teacher taught her to finish what she starts.

Others she has learned from include:

  • The vets and staff at the Alta Vista Animal Hospital
  • Her riding coaches
  • The art instructors and fellow artists she paints and displays with
  • The instructors, horses and schoolmates of the Equine Studies program
  • Her instructors, classmates and of course the dogs in Obedience classes
  • The instructors and schoolmates of the Durham College Food and Drug Technology program
  • The instructors and schoolmates of the Medical Laboratory Technology program
  • The judges, coaches and dogs during Obedience competitions
  • J.P. Hourdebaigt, Massage Awareness
  • Dr. Ed Beltran, Blair Animal Hospital
  • The instructors of the Veterinary Assistance Program
  • The instructors and dogs of the Canine First Aid programs
  • Cindy Horsfall of La Paw Spa
  • Other wellness practitioners who specialize in, Watsu, Bowen, Reiki and Physiotherapy

Her education continues….

Every day provides opportunities for at least one wonderful learning experience.