“Thank you so very much for your donation of an animal massage gift certificate for our fund-raising event. It’s hard to believe it’s been a year since we met you. You’ve done such a wonderful job looking after Winston with massage. You’ve made a very positive difference in his life.
Gail, Port Hope Ontario


“The difference you’ve made in Lacy is amazing. Her attitude towards working in the (riding) lessons has improved dramatically. Thanks for helping our girl. We get a kick out of how the other horses in the barn react when you walk in…it’s obvious, Lacy has been telling them how good you make her feel. They want massages too”
Gwen, Baltimore Ontario

” Just thought I would drop you a line to thank you again for the miracle I witnessed when you massaged our boy earlier this year. What a difference in Justin’s over-all attitude! He’s jumping over 4 feet with ease and he has his sense of humour back. If I wasn’t there to see it, I wouldn’t have believed it. Although I hate to admit it, we were at our wit’s end, and called upon your talents as a last resort. We were ready to sell Justin. Now he is winning and moving up the circuit. We can’t thank you enough.”
J. Hansen New Jersey

“You’ve made quite a difference in how Tippy moves. She uses her foot to walk on more often, instead of leaning on her knee and stretches both hind legs out behind her when she lays down now.”
Joan, Warkworth Ontario

“Until you touched Monty, he was unhappy and so was I. The way he took to you and allowed you to work your magic made all of us who were watching you massage him in the barn that day, feel like we saw a miracle. He was so protective of his body before you released the muscles that were so painfully tight. Now he is relaxed, let’s me groom him, saddle him and we are working on all the sports I thought he would be so good at. He is now really enjoys jumping. I’m so happy we called you. I didn’t really want to sell him. I just knew something was wrong and you fixed it. Thank you, from both of us!”
Sandra, Bowmanville Ontario

“When I first met you in class you said “Welcome to a life-changing weekend. You will never look at or touch your horse the same way again”…you weren’t kidding!! I took what you taught me and applied it to Playboy…my horse and he’s not as angry any more. He enjoys our time together, will pick up his leads and load in the trailer. Thanks so much!!”
Cathy, Cranbrook British Columbia

” Thanks so much for teaching us to massage our horses! We really enjoyed the time you took with us individually. Our horses seem much happier and willing to work. We had a good time learning.”
Jen, St. John’d Newfoundland

“We really appreciate the talk you gave our group at the annual general meeting of the Association of Veterinary Technologists of Ontario. We look forward to organizing a teaching session in the near future.”
Susan, Brantford Ontario