“Shari, the picture is amazing! You did an awesome job! My Mom will love it. Thanks again.”
Stacy, Cobourg Ontario

“Thank you so very much for the most beautiful picture ever of Abby. We were really really impressed with it. We really think that it was a great gift for us. Thank you again!”
Ingrid, Barrie Ontario

“Thanks Shari, Kayla loved the pictures of her horses! I am looking forward to seeing the portrait of our dog and the painting of my hubby’s classic cars.”
Angie, Cobourg Ontario

“This is an amazing portrait. Great job.”
Lisa B

“Wonderful pastel work. Fabulous.”
Ruth S

“Another wonderful piece. Fantastic pastel work.”
Clair W

“Excellent portrait.”
John S

“Beautiful portrait. Excellently done.”
Beatrix J

” Fantastic work, gorgeous”
Heloisa C

“Beautifully done.”
Debbie C

“Wonderful capture. Excellent montage”
Chris M

“What a wonderful sweet couple.”
Anneke H

“Splendid artwork”
Lynne DS

“OMG Totally and utterly adorable, excellent job Shari”
Lucia S

“Thank you so much for the portrait of our dog Shep. As you said they would, both my parents cried when they saw it! It was the perfect gift. You really captured his likeness and personality.”
Mary Lou N

“Shari, what an amazing job you did of our little Lilly. The portrait was so beautiful it brought a tear to John’s glass eye. Thank you so much for such a beautiful gift.”
Berney, Whitby Ontario

“What a gorgeous job of out two boys! It so depicts their personalities. Thanks so much”
J Frank, Texas

” I was so thrilled to receive the portrait of Sandy” It looks so much like her when she was younger. I’m happy to see her again, no matter how emotional the experience! Her personality shines through. Extraordinary! Thank you Shari.”
J Heart, Ottawa Ontario

“You have quite a talent Shari. I’m happy you are back at painting. Thank you for the painting you did of Sierra. She hangs proudly on our living room wall beside the other painting you did, so many years ago of Crystal”
M Chapman, Nepean Ontario

“The portrait you did for me to send to my sister in Germany was a big hit! Thank you so much for such a wonderful job. She loved it!!”
Gerta S

“Thanks for the beautiful portrait of my beloved Serena. I miss her every day, but looking at her sparkling personality you captured helps me. There are no words to say how happy I am with your painting.”
S Anderson, Glouchester Ontario