Sierra Springs Canine Therapy Pool is the only indoor, warm water hydrotherapy pool for dogs between Ottawa and Toronto.

We offer a tranquil, quiet and safe environment for you and your canine friend to relax and enjoy as qualified, caring professionals facilitate wellness for your dog.

Our current facility has an above ground pool fondly known as "Jackson's Swimming Hole", named after a very special 16 year old Border Collie client who spent many hours enjoying weightless freedom in our pool.

The pool is accessible by a long, no-slip ramp that joins to a deck. A motorised lift ramp, referred to as "the Plank" raises and lowers, to allow dogs to enter and exit the pool. This lift can also be used to slowly hoist dogs with paralysis, into and out of the pool.

The 84 degree salt water is sanitized by an ozonator and salt water chlorination generation system. These two systems allow for safe, clean water that has a secondary bonus of making the dogs coats soft and shiny.

All appointments for swim conditioning, aqua-ssage and hydrotherapy are one-on-one with the hydrotherapist who assists your dog while he's in the pool.

After each in pool session, a light BoMasI massage is performed after towelling off, before heading home.

BoMasI is a name used to describe the gentle and effective body-work performed here at Sierra Springs. It has been derived from Bowen, Sports Massage and Reiki techniques and is the result of over 16 years of study, experience and input from other professionals.

We mainly use a padded, blanket-covered exercise style mat which we place on the floor for the dogs' comfort while we perform body work, or there is a hydraulic table that can be used for smaller dogs.

All dogs who are brought to us, are treated with respect and kindness, as if they were a part of our own family.

NEW.... FOR SALE....

Dog Harness: By Help'em up Harness

This is a complete shoulder and hip harness system that literally lifts the lives of aging or recovering dogs! By placing a pair of handles where you can quickly reach them, this unique harness allows you to lend support at any time. The harness is especially helpful for owners whose dogs are feeling the effects of aging or health issues.

It's also perfect for dogs recovering from injuries or surgery.

Help Em Up Harnesses are available for purchase from $120 - $150 depending on the size and weight of your dog.

Personal home delivery complete with fittings in the Northumberland and Durham regions are available for $50. Outside of these areas please contact us at for shipping rates.

We suggest you call for a fitting before/after purchase.

Client feedback:

"This harness enabled my old dog to be much more mobile in his last few months. It made his life easier…and ours to" D. Brown, Harwood ON. " Thank you Shari for recommending this harness. The difference it made in Sasha's life as she recovered from knee surgery, I think, helped her recover faster" C. Smallwood, Oshawa ON. " Our Corgi was beginning to loose strength in his hind legs as he aged. Being able to lift him up when he slipped helped his over-all attitude tremendously. I can't thank you enough for this harness"

B. White, Cobourg ON.

For more information please contact
Shari L. Seymour
(905) 373-5800

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Shari's love for animals extends into horse and dog wellness. She illustrated and co-authored a book on canine massage and illustrated an equine massage book each with world-wide sales. Shari built an indoor, salt water swimming pool for dogs which is used for canine water therapy.

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Shari Seymour creates award-winning paintings from photographs since 1974. She's known for her commissioned animal artwork which captures the personality of pets and touches the hearts of animal lovers throughout Canada and the United States.

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